CoArt dTank

Ceiling Suspension Panel

Double the art, double the fun. Our double-sided ceiling baffles come with flexibility in length and width and the option of using two different art fabrics.

Restaurant Floating Suspension Panels Abstract Pantone CoArt Acoustics.jpg


The Ceiling Suspension system is installed using aluminum suspension technology. Our reliable suspension system allows you to easily adjust the height of your acoustic panel when suspending from the ceiling. The frame has an acoustical core center and is wrapped with an acoustically transparent printed fabric that is inserted into the frame using an SEG technology. The fabric can be dry-cleaned or easily interchanged with double sided art display. The frame comes in aluminum silver, black or white color options.

Classroom Lecture Hall Floating Panel Suspension CoArt Acoustics .jpg


  • Restaurants
  • Lecture halls
  • Libraries
  • Cafes
  • Communal Seating
  • Open office space

Floating Suspension Pantone CoArt Acoustics Cafe.jpg


Up to 8' x 6'

For custom size, please contact